Metal Tarja Turunen - Act II [Limited Edition] (2018) FLAC [48kHz/24bit]

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    Tarja Turunen - Act II [Limited Edition] (2018) FLAC [48kHz/24bit]
    Label: earMUSIC
    Country: Finland
    Genre: Symphonic Metal
    Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
    Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit]
    Time: 03:31:05+01:58:21
    Full Size: 2,48 GB+1,18 Gb

    Filmed during Tarja's world tour "The Shadow Shows", during which the influential heavy rock singer circled the world for 7 times with over 300.000 km travelled and played over 200 shows in 40 countries in front of 1 million people.
    'Act II' consists of the singer's very intimate 75 minute set filmed and recorded live at the Metropolis Studio in London, UK and the breathtaking live performance of one of her shows in Milan, Italy, and previously unreleased interviews and photo galleries. The theatrical rock adventure 'Act II' combines two incredible, yet slightly different live performances on video: The first chapter, 'Metropolis Alive', has been filmed two months prior to the release of Tarja's 2016 success The Shadow Self . 20 winners from all over Europe were lucky to witness Tarja's intimate, yet rocking 75 minute set at renowned Metropolis Studios in London, UK where the singer performed songs from her then unreleased album for the first time in front of an audience(incl. two full live shows filmed at Woodstock Festival in Poland and Hellfest in France as bonus).


    Live at London's Metropolis Studios, June 6, 2016 [01:15:19]
    1. No Bitter End
    2. Eagle Eye
    3. Sing For Me
    4. Love To Hate
    5. The Living End
    6. Medusa
    7. Calling From The Wild
    8. Victim Of Ritual
    9. Die Alive
    10. Innocence
    11. Until My Last Breath
    12. Too Many

    Live at Milan's Teatro della Luna Assago on November 29, 2016 [02:15:46]
    1. Against The Odds
    2. No Bitter End
    3. 500 Letters
    4. Eagle Eye
    5. Demons In You
    6. Lucid Dreamer
    7. Shameless
    8. The Living End
    9. Calling From The Wild
    10. Supremacy
    11. Tutankhamen - Ever Dream - The Riddler - Slaying the Dreamer
    12. Goldfinger
    13. Deliverance
    14. Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone
    15. Love To Hate
    16. Victim of Ritual
    17. Undertaker
    18. Too Many
    19. Innocence
    20. Die Alive
    21. Until My Last Breath


    Live at Woodstock Festival, Poland, 16th of July, 2016 01:13:38
    Against The Odds
    No Bitter End
    Demons In You
    500 Letters
    Ciaran's Well
    Calling From The Wild
    Tutankhamen-Ever Dream-The Riddler-Slaying The Dreamer
    Victim Of Ritual
    Die Alive
    Until My Last Breath
    Over The Hills And Far Away

    Live at Hellfest, France, June 19, 2016 00:46:46
    No Bitter End
    Never Enough
    Ciaran's Well
    Calling From The Wild
    Victim Of Ritual
    Tutankhamen-Ever Dream-The Riddler-Slaying The Dreamer
    Die Alive
    Until My Last Breath



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